Hedge-Solutions-margintrak.jpgMarginTrak was designed to address the fact that energy marketers have a scarce 80-100 days in a year to make a profit. MarginTrak uses 3 simple but critical points of data that give the user a real time view of their margins so that they know where to set their price in order to hit their targets. This extraordinary tool allows our clients to see their daily margins and recognize short term hedging strategies that lock in profits when they are above their targets. The unique day counting system gives our clients a compelling visual of their progress real time while motivating them to act when there are opportunities. The MarginTrak system shows you how to actually make bigger profits from price volatility instead of the other way around!

MarginTrak helps you:

  • Gain real time visibility into daily fluctuations in margin
  • Focus on staying above your margin targets
  • Take advantage of the fortuitous windows and use supplier portals more effectively

Integrated Day count system:

  • Prompts you to be proactive when the opportunity is there
  • Helps you stay focused on your profits when they count the most
  • Helps track progress toward your targets during the heating season


  • Capture supplier pricing history-crucial to decision making
  • Stores daily pricing on portals to track effectiveness
  • Tracks short term hedging deals to measure impact to margin
  • Stores historical rack basis data-an important metric to benchmark future supplier offers
  • Track retail margin history for critical historical comparisons

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