Hedge Solutions is a risk management consulting company, advising clients on hedging, purchasing and marketing strategies to grow and safeguard their businesses. Established in 1993 by President Rich Larkin, we fill the growing void between the type of information industry participants need and what was traditionally provided by a supplier. The commodity business is a complicated one. Constantly changing supply & demand forecasts, geopolitical disturbances around the world, and competition in the retail space are just some of the factors that influence the prices you face every day.

Hedge Solutions is uniquely positioned to filter this information down to what you need to know, answering questions like “when should I buy?” and “which hedging strategy should I choose?” Our hedging experience, attention to detail, and partnership approach with clients has enabled Hedge Solutions to become an industry leader in energy risk management.

The energy markets have experienced significant changes in the physical, paper, and regulatory space in the past 25 years. Hedge Solutions has always been able to adapt to these challenges and guide our clients as they learn to adapt. Hedging and procurement in today’s volatile energy markets requires a consistent process in order to be successful. We’ve built the ingredients for success with time tested tools like Hedge Insite, MarginTrak, and Lodestar that condense a lot of moving parts into a reporting system that tracks your profit margins every day so that you can sleep at night. These systems also provide structure for solid decision making that take the stress off the table.  Additionally, they provide the look back features necessary to see your true P&L after the procurement and deliveries are made. We are the only consultancy in the heating oil and propane space that provides this critical reporting and visual graphics!