Hedge-Insite_x330w.pngBefore Hedge Insite, managers had no simple tool to help them understand what risks their operating margins faced under a variety of future market scenarios, what level profits were tracking towards throughout the year, or what actions were necessary during the season to ensure a desired margin outcome.  When it came time to decide on offers to make customers, there was no trusted workspace to “crash test” the marketing or hedging ideas before putting them in place. Unfortunately, modern business accounting systems do not incorporate the derivatives our industry uses to hedge price exposure, and they provide only a “rear view mirror” look at business profitability – after it is too late. Off-the-shelf “trading” systems designed to handle derivative valuations do not tie back into the hedger’s underlying business model. Too many managers create spreadsheet solutions prone to error and needless complexity.


Hedge Insite meets this critical business need by providing a workspace for managers to build a financial simulation of their business and test a variety of “what-if” scenarios in advance. Users can also enter “actuals” from their back office systems and track their performance against the initial plan. The product allows users to merge the details of their day-to-day physical delivery business with any derivative trading strategy and presents the results on-screen in a user-friendly graphical format.  Leading bankers and accountants in the industry have already hailed the new system for providing the workspace necessary to make risks clear and encourage improved management decision-making.


No installation necessary! Simply log on from your web browser. 

That means you are up and running in minutes and no additional hardware must be purchased (ever).  Instead, users pay only a small subscription fee and receive all upgrades to the software instantly with no additional charges. As long as your computer can access the Internet, you can use Hedge Insite.

  • Access from any device with a web browser – Mac, PC, Linux, even an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone!
  • Ability to have multiple sub-companies and move between them – with one log-on, you can switch between your heating oil and propane business, or between different locations
  • Navigate back-and-forth between Hedge Insite and MarginTrak – take a seasonal look and then quickly jump into the short-term hedging and margin management world
  • No need to install updates! Each login, you will be seeing the latest version of our software
  • Save Scenario As: Quickly duplicate a scenario, to test out new strategies or look at the data from a different angle
  • Shared global data set among scenarios, within a company – prevents duplication of effort, simply link data to where it belongs. This includes:
    • Sales
    • Paper Hedges
    • Wet Barrels
    • Delivery Curves
  • Integration with back-office systems


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